A UNIQUE ART TO CUSTOMIZE YOUR CREATIONS Blue, afternoon is too blue! It’s a sunny day, sky is completely blue without a cloud and you’re ready for an open air nice walk, in nature! Sun warms your face and your camera is ready to fills with photos of flowers, beautiful olive trees found along the way and some (inevitable) selfies with friends! You’re amazed by a flower that you decide to photograph, fascinated by its beauty! As a floral addicted as you are, think about how nice it would be to have it embroidered on one of the cool dresses in your wardrobe. Of course, you have never embroidered and you have no idea how to start, but… here we are! The art of embroidery is perfect to embellish your garments and making them more versatile and even more customized, not only by realizing flowers, but everything you desire to apply! Think that the first examples of embroidery come from the ancient Egypt, where beads or other elements were used to decorate fabrics too, but already in Prehistory people used to embroider, as shown by the cave paintings. Do you want to know how to realize embroideries? You have to know that there are many types of embroidery, we will see with you the basic embroideries, perfect also for those who are approaching to this art only now, like you! Are you ready? Let's start from the simplest stitch, the running stitch. This stitch is used to curl up fabrics, but also to mend them, so it “comes in handy” if you have to fix a damaged fabric! First of all realize some guides on the fabric with a pencil or a chalk, so that you can follow them when you embroider with the thread. Insert the thread into the needle and tie a knot at the extremity. Thread the needle into the fabric from the wrong side and then let it go out on the right side and keep the length of a few millimeters both for the stitch itself and for the space between a stitch and the other. Keep on like this until you finish to make the stitch and close with a knot. Now let's see the chain stitch. You can draw freehand the embroidery or retrace it on the fabric using carbon paper. Thread the needle on the wrong side and let it go out on the right side. Now thread it next to the stitch on the right side until forming a loop. Insert the needle centrally to the loop starting from the wrong side and let it go out not far from the first stitch realized on the right side, keeping the loop locked. Continue like this until finishing the desired pattern. The art of embroidery allows you to apply what you prefer on fabrics: from flowers to words or any pattern you desire for a unique and personal look! And why not also embroider a centerpiece to show off at your Sunday family lunches? With a traditional taste and, of course, a thought made with heart! It will let your table be very nice for a special lunch! Are you ready? Your new creations are just waiting to be decorated!
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