"Did your grandmother sew it?” It’s a cliché of sewing that we are ready to unmask! The thought that the art of sewing is old style and not suitable for involving younger minds… it’s wrong! This art is extremely modern and versatile, able to thrill people of all ages! It’s an evergreen that allows us to stimulate creativity and free ourselves from stress! Often it can be handed down from mothers to daughters or from grandmothers to granddaughters, which transmit them the wonder of an art that allows to express themselves through needle and thread! Daughters and grandchildren "do theirs" this activity, impressing their point of view and their taste. Sometimes it’s a passion that arises spontaneously in the mind of those who practice it, resulting as a special and rewarding hobby! This art can’t be enclosed in the idea of ​​"old style" as it’s far from this definition. It involves everyone, allowing all to experiment and create with different and infinite types of fabrics, from the most traditional and well-known ones to new eco-sustainable ones, through various techniques to complete a unique and extremely personal garment or accessory! This art is varied and stimulating. At the beginning it was more a need, so by sewing you can realize garments and cover yourself with them, which has always been the first human need. Later it became a way of expressing ourselves, in the past also to underline a social class, and a way to communicate to others who we are, without even needing to speak. Have you ever heard of creative sewing? Just because it’s a particularly stimulating art, it also allows you to create infinite accessories, always with a modern and original cut! From tablecloths to coasters, pillows or bookmarks, but also puppets and small sponge bags, maybe to take with you in your days! The art of sewing becomes "creative sewing": so, beyond clothing, it’s possible to create objects for the home, to give to friends or to accompany us in our daily life. All the creations have an infinity of manufacture and beyond the types of seam, there are all kind of embellishments! You can use sequins, lace, beads or any type of decoration that you think can make your creation more and more original! If you decide to hand sew needle, thread, fabrics and all those accessories that compose your realization are what is useful in the process. If you sew by machine, you should know that there are sewing machines that are perfect for creative sewing! For example those suitable for making patchwork, to put together different fabrics and create a colorful and versatile object or those that contain more types of alphabet, for the letters’ embroidery! The art of sewing is a modern and stimulating art, for everyone, able to relax the mind and give shape to special creations for you, but also for all the people that are dear to you! No more clichés: sewing is the new black!
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