FOCUS COTTON AND VISCOSE SOS! How do I wash this top? Each garment we own, due to dyeing features and fabrics used, has different washing methods and conditions in order not to damage the garment and keep it perfect as the day we bought it! Do you have any doubts about washing fabrics? Don’t worry, we will show you the main features to maintain the quality of the fabric of your garment, focusing on the two fabrics that TSC offers you: cotton and viscose! Surely every time you have a garment in your hand, wondering how to proceed with washing, an initial solution is to check the label. By analyzing the label of a garment it’s possible to read some useful information for its care. In the label you will find instructions about the degrees to be kept in the washing machine, indications about the possibility of using or not bleach or to proceed or not to iron it and other useful information to keep your garment at its best. So "eyeing" the label is, surely, a good way to know perfectly how to wash the garment we own. Since you aspire to become experts in sewing, you will be interested to know how to best manage a fabric, to which you give the shape of the desired garment! Let's start with cotton. Mistakes in washing cotton fabric can cause shrink or fade garments. The best thing for cotton garments is hand washing, using cold water. In this way the cotton fibers will remain perfectly extended, without shrinking. What is certain is that hand washing isn’t comfortable, especially with a hectic and busy life. So the use of the washing machine is essential… yes, you’re safe! The important thing is to remember to wash the cotton at 30°. To make your cotton garments soft, as well as clean them, a remedy is the use of milk. Notice that milk is also an excellent whitener for your clothes, so this solution is suitable for white garments. Fill a container with milk, into which you’re going to put your clothes, to leave soaking. Now let's see the viscose. It’s a delicate fabric that needs a lot of care. As cotton, for a perfect wash, the best solution is to proceed by hand, once again using cold water. The comfy solution of the washing machine, at a temperature of 30°, is again possible! It’s very important to take care of the viscose fabric, because, as already said, it’s very delicate. So washing needs more attention, for example in the products you choose to use! After having seen the washing features of cotton and viscose, let's see together a solution if you have stains in your fabrics. I got stained! If you have to clean a stain on your garment quickly and efficaciously, you can use white vinegar. Pour the vinegar over the stain and rub the fabric of your garment, then place it in the washing machine. The properties of the vinegar will allow to eliminate the stain on the fabric. With these tips you can't go wrong washing your clothes, avoiding them from being damaged and maintaining their beauty over time!
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