“FIND AGAIN” YOURSELF BETWEEN NEEDLE AND THREAD How many times do you happen to be on the subway or, simply, on the sofa at home and say “Where is my phone?” and, a moment later, you realize you have it in your hand?! It's the daily routine, so hectic, that sometimes makes us lose the sense of what is happening around us. So we need to carve out some time for the activities we prefer to find ourselves again. Manual activities are an excellent remedy for the stress of the routine and they help us to have a more relaxed mood! Hand sewing is one of the activities that brings you well-being and lightheartedness. Every time that, with needle and thread, you baste, sew you your garments or accessories, you are creating something that, once finished, it will fill you with satisfaction. After so much effort and care, here is your “sewing” wish realized! Moreover this activity stimulates your creativity, making you discover your ability in an art in which you didn't think you were skilled, but you just had to “make it yours”! By developing creativity, you will always be ready to find originality around the corner! For example you might think about creating a handmade jewel to match your wonderful top! For example by using buttons! You just have to buy a cord or a nylon thread, transparent or coloured according to your preferences, and recuperate some buttons! Put the buttons along the thread or the cord, realizing a knot at each insertion so that each one maintains the position you have chosen, and, finally, close your bracelet or your necklace with a knot! So you will dedicate your free time to yourself and you will create a perfect accessory for your outfits! As you can see, the tools needed for sewing are also useful for other handmade creations, that give even more originality to your carefully crafted looks! By sewing you develop creativity and clear your mind, giving yourself precious time to find again your balance. Surely handmade sewing allows you to relax even more than using the machine, because you are immersed in the quiet of handwork and in the satisfaction of realizing something by relying only on yourself! Think that after the First World War, the most psychologically affected veterans were instructed to sew as a therapeutic form! A solution that was suitable to relax the mind and to relieve sufferings. Today sewing is a real efficacious activity to free yourself from worries and to spend your free time serenely, creating something that will be truly special for you, as well as able to enrich your inventiveness! Let yourself be guided by this art and… be creative!
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