HOW TO ENHANCE YOUR BODY "I have nothing to wear" Have you ever said this phrase, a morning, while looking your closet? Here, in these situations the real problem isn’t that you have nothing, but that you have “wrong” items for you! Considering your physicality, there are more or less adequate garments, as well as more or less suitable for the occasions in which you can show them off, thinking about your routine. Considering your body, for example, it could be that you have smaller breast and more remarkable thighs, so to enhance your body, the best thing is to avoid V-necks or sheath dresses, but preferring boat necks or clothes that tighten your waist. In every situation the solution is always to emphasize the strengths and hide the weaknesses. Beyond the shape of your body, colors are important too! Exactly, according to your complexion, the color of your eyes and your hair, there are more or less suitable colors to exalt you! Think that the armocromia identifies through the 4 seasons, with their subgroups, every type of skin-eye-hair trinomial and they all have the most suitable colors to enhance a person! So, for example, if you are an "autumn" of the "deep" subgroup, so like our Julia Roberts, among the shades that best enhance you, you will have the color of coffee, dark orange or plum in its most warm shade. Do you remember the polka dot dress tight at the waist worn by Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman"? With its brown hue, very close to the color of the coffee bean, it made the American actress stand out perfectly! But now we guide you to discover the line of clothing that suits your physical features! Let's start with the hourglass body, tight waist with aligned shoulders and hips! Do you find yourself in these features? Well, don't miss the opportunity to wear a dress that emphasizes your shapes, fitted to show off your waist! Do you have straight hips and not so much breast? You are the "rectangle" figure! The best dress? A shirt dress, which accentuates the waistline! Moreover it’s incredibly fashionable and fresh in your days! If you have a heavier upper body and a slimmer lower body, so you are an inverted triangle, emphasize your beautiful legs! Choose a short dress, maybe with an empire style! Small breast and shoulders and curvy hips, you are a triangle! Surely avoid tight-fitting dresses and prefer a dress that shows off the upper part and that is softer in the lower one, maybe with a V-neck! If you are characterized by an oval body, avoid what gives more volume and prefer easygoing to your body dresses matched with a chunky heel! Now that you know perfectly how to enhance yourself, you just have to start creating your perfect new dress… to feel you Pretty Woman walking down the street!
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