THE SEWING CREW, a group born to share the handmade passion, especially for sewing🧵 🪡
An entire world that allows simple sewing both who already knows how to sew and wants to find an "easy" way, and who has never sewn and doesn't know where to start!
Here you can find kits with all the tools you need to sew:
1.  📓illustrated instructions with detailed text
2. 👗paper pattern
3.🟪 handy fabrics
4. ✂️sewing tools
You will not have any other thinking but choosing your favorite kit and ordering it!📦 
Once received, you'll be able to start with your brand new hobby!
Moreover, to reassure even the most hesitant, we decided to offer you only easy to do outfit. 😜
Thanks to our fully equipped kits, sewing will be handy and fun!
Our service is not over, you can count on our consulting whenever you need! 💌
We are ready to answer any doubt you'll have, just to give you an amazing sewing experience!
Why choosing us? Our fabrics are Made in Italy with 100% natural origin yarn, perfect for your wellbeing!🌱
Our product are made of high quality and our goal is to give you an unique and relaxing experience!
The Sewing Crew, with us sewing is fun! 👍🏻